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Holy Tea

Black Ceylon Tea Trio ONE: Exquisite Blend Bundle

Black Ceylon Tea Trio ONE: Exquisite Blend Bundle

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This Bundle contains 3 bags of Black Tea (Ceylon) Blend.

You can choose between a bag of 50gr. or 100 gr.

1. Costa Rica Mix

Ingredients: Black Tea Ceylon, flavour, tangerine peels, orange pieces, marigold, kiwi slices, passionflower herb, lovage root.

2. Rose Paradise

Ingredients: Black tea Ceylon, -South India, -China, pineapple (pineapple, sugar), papaya (papaya, sugar), grape (grape, vegetable oil), rose petals (7%), natural flavoring, blue cornflower.

3. Thousand Flowers

Ingredients: Black Tea Ceylon, -South India, -China, Black Tea Darjeeling, flavour, orange peels, rose petals, lavender, marigold, orange blossoms, blue cornflower.

Brewing Instructions

To fully appreciate these exquisite blends, follow these brewing instructions:

1. Prepare Your Tea Leaves:

  • For a single cup (250ml): Measure out 4 grams of Black Tea Ceylon Blend.
  • For a larger quantity (1 litre): Use 12-15 grams of tea.

2. Heat the Water:

  • Bring your water to a boil until it reaches a temperature of 100°C (212°F). This hot temperature is crucial for fully extracting the flavors of black tea.

3. Steep the Tea:

  • Place your measured tea leaves into a tea infuser or teapot.
  • Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves.
  • Allow the tea to steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste preference. A shorter steep time will result in a lighter flavor, while a longer steep will produce a stronger, more robust cup.

4. Enjoy Your Tea:

  • Once the tea has steeped to your liking, remove the tea leaves to prevent over-brewing.
  • Pour the brewed tea into your favorite cup.

5. Optional Enhancements:

  • Feel free to add a slice of lemon, a dash of milk, honey, or a teaspoon of sugar to complement the rich flavors of the Ceylon blend according to your taste.
A Thousand Flowers (Size)
Rose Paradise (Size)
Costa Rica Mix (Size)
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A Trio of Black Teas That Tells a Story

Dive into the luxurious world of Holy Tea, where each cup promises an escape to a distant paradise. Our Exclusive Trio of Premium Black Tea Blends is meticulously curated for the discerning tea lover, offering a unique journey through taste and aroma. Crafted in the heart of Amsterdam, this collection is more than just tea; it's an experience.

Blend No1: A Thousand Flowers - Black Tea Ceylon Blend

Embark on a floral voyage with "A Thousand Flowers". This blend harmonizes the robust flavors of Black Tea from Ceylon, South India, and China with the delicate whispers of orange peels, rose petals, and lavender. The marigold and orange blossoms unfold like a dawn chorus, while blue cornflower adds a touch of the infinite sky. Each sip is a step through a vibrant meadow, rejuvenating your spirit with its aromatic bouquet.

Blend No2: Rose Paradise - Black Tea Ceylon Blend

"Rose Paradise" is an ode to love and harmony, blending the deep, full-bodied taste of Black Tea Ceylon with the sweet whispers of pineapple and papaya. The dance of grape and rose petals in your cup brings a romantic flourish, crowned by the serene beauty of blue cornflowers. This blend is a heartfelt sonnet, a gentle reminder of nature's tender embrace.

Blend No3: Costa Rica Mix - Black Tea Ceylon Blend

Take a journey to the heart of the tropics with "Costa Rica Mix". This vibrant blend combines the rich depths of Black Tea Ceylon with the zesty twist of tangerine peels and the sweet, sun-kissed notes of orange pieces and kiwi slices. Marigold and passionflower herb weave through each sip, offering a serene backdrop to this lively symphony of flavors.

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