Welcome to the 'Sip, Savor, Repeat' Bundle Experience

Unveil Your Perfect Trio of Teas—Now at 10% Off!

Handpick your own unique blend of three exquisite teas from our curated selection and elevate your daily tea ritual. Whether you're a seasoned tea connoisseur or new to the world of infusions, this bundle is your passport to a personalized sipping journey. Start crafting your bundle now and unlock a special 10% discount upon checkout.

  • Step 1

    Choose your first tea blend to kickstart your tea adventure. This sets the tone for your personalized tea journey.

  • Step 2

    Your second choice adds a new layer of complexity to your tea repertoire. Go as bold or as subtle as you wish.

  • Step 3

    Your final selection seals the deal, adding the finishing touch to your customized tea experience.

  • Step 4 (Optional)

    For the perfect infusion, consider adding a reusable Tea Egg Ball to your bundle.

  • Step 5 (Optional)

    Savor each sip in a specially designed TEAEVE Porcelain Mug.

  • Step 6 (Complete)

    Once you've made your selections, hit the "Start Your Tea Adventure" button to complete your order and unlock your 10% discount.

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