13 Wellness Tea Blends To Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

13 Wellness Tea Blends To Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

We’re here to support you achieve your fitness and health goals!

There are so many of supplements and beverages out there that can help you be fit and healthy, but nothing overcomes the best natural supplement for centuries out there. As you may have already guessed, I'm referring to tea.

Not only because most of the wellness tea blends are free of extra calories and sugar, but they also have so much more long-term health benefits than any caffeine supplement or protein bar.

And with different types like herbals teas, green teas and Pu-erh teas there are countless selections to choose from!  

We’ve made a list of high-grade loose-leaf wellness tea blends to assist you in staying fit and being your best self.

1) Memory Tea

This tea blend, which will please even the most demanding palates with its sweet and fine aromas, promises to keep your memory on top form.

Green sencha is accompanied by orange blossoms and Ginkgo Biloba leaves, which boost blood circulation in those parts of the brain that are involved with memory.


2) Yogi Tea

This blend of Ayurvedic spices warms and energizes the body with its sweet and spicy aromas of cinnamon, clove, black pepper, cardamom and ginger.

For an even richer and creamier result, prepare your tea directly in warm milk, as they do in India, and add a touch of honey.


3) Winter Health

A herbal blend ideal for those chilly winter days and for preventing colds.

Ginger root and echinacea can help boost the immune system, while cinnamon, chamomile and liquorice leave a subtly sweet taste in the mouth.


4) Sencha Kombucha

A fruity and sweet blend that combines the beneficial properties of kombucha, which include detoxing the body, boosting the immune system and regulating the digestive system, with green tea, mulberry leaves, mallow, lemongrass, acorus calamus and sugar cane.

Equally enjoyable when consumed cold.


5) Relax Tea

A delicate, aromatic blend of dried fruit, such as apple and peach, and herbs such as valerian, lavender, mallow and lemongrass, aids relaxation and inner peace.

A sweet brew, whose aromas linger in the mouth.


6) Olympos Detox Bio

A herbal blend redolent of Greek earth and Greek summers.

Fennel, thyme, Greek mountain tea (ironwort), sage, lemon balm and chamomile help to detox the body and promote good health.


7) Menstrual Tea Organic

Carefully selected organic ingredients that calm menstrual pains and help to regulate the period have been used to create this blend of green rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, yarrow, sage, marigold, liquorice and almond.

A sweet-flavoured tea with warm aromas.


8) Digestion Tea

A revitalizing herbal blend especially formulated to help digestion. Mint, chamomile, anise, fennel, cumin, valerian, mallow and marigold are combined harmoniously to produce a light, sweet and minty brew.


9) Diet Tea Organic

A mellow and refreshing blend guaranteed to become your favorite everyday ally to weight control.

Green tea combined with lemon verbena, birch and lemon myrtle leaves, dandelion root and stinging nettle, complemented by the fresh aroma of lemon peel.

Ingredients carefully selected according to their beneficial properties to help you eliminate toxins and extra fluids from your body.


10) Detox Sport

A dynamic and intense wellness blend with a Pu-erh base from China’s Yunnan Province, created especially for people who exercise and want to rid their body of toxins.

The tea’s detoxifying action is boosted with nettle, dandelion and rosemary. The earthy taste of Pu’Er predominates and is rounded off and softened with Liquorice and orange.


11) Breastfeeding Tea Bio

The importance of breast milk and breastfeeding cannot be denied.

With rooibos, fennel, anise, cumin, barley malt, nettle and lemongrass as our allies, we created this fresh, lemony and slightly spicy blend that stimulates breast milk production, improves breast milk quality and enriches it with nutrients that are beneficial to the baby.


12) Bio active Tea

To boost and improve intestine function, we used gunpowder green tea as a base and created a blend with Liquorice, chicory root and rhubarb root.

The result: a sweet and flavorful brew with a wonderful finish that gives you good health.


13) Anti-ageing Tea

Lauded as a substance that heals wounds and beautifies the skin, Aloe Vera plays the leading role in this blend to help you stay young and glowing. The liquor tastes like fruit jelly, leaving a rich and sweet aftertaste from the pineapple pieces it contains. Equally enjoyable as iced tea.

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