Our Story

Welcome to Holy Tea Amsterdam,
your online destination for superior blends of loose-leaf tea.

We are a family-owned brand, headquartered in the heart of Amsterdam, deeply rooted in the rich culture and heritage of Greece. Our journey began with a fascination for the diverse flavors and fragrances of tea, leading to the birth of Holy Tea Amsterdam.

  • Our Vision

    At Holy Tea Amsterdam, we envision a world united by the love of tea, transcending cultural boundaries. Our goal is to elevate the act of tea-drinking, transforming it from a daily routine into a rich, cultural experience that fosters connection. We bring this vision to life by sourcing premium tea leaves from around the world, blending them with aromatic herbs to create a symphony of flavors. Each blend is a testament to our commitment to diversity and unity, a global fusion that brings people closer, one cup at a time.

  • Our Roots

    Our roots are entrenched in the sun-drenched soils of Greece, a land rich with history, tradition, and aromatic herbs. This heritage is the heart of Holy Tea Amsterdam, influencing our values, traditions, and most importantly, our teas. Every blend incorporates Mediterranean herbs, offering a taste of our home with each sip. As you savor our teas, we invite you to experience the warmth, hospitality, and flavors that are quintessentially Greek, letting you connect with our roots with every cup.

  • Our Philosophy

    At Holy Tea, our teas are not just beverages, they are an experience. We believe in a celebration of cultures, a fusion of the world's best flavors, and a tribute to our Mediterranean roots. Each tea leaf is sourced from the finest gardens around the globe, with blends infused with aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean region - a nod to our heritage.

  • Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

    We believe in preserving the authenticity of our teas while ensuring sustainability. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail goes into each blend, creating a unique and special tea experience just for you. With Holy Tea, you are partaking in a globally inspired, carefully curated blend of taste and aroma.

Thank you for choosing Holy Tea

We are a family-run business and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Our teas are available exclusively online and we ship our teas almost to to anywhere in the Europe.
We hope you enjoy your cup as much as we enjoy blending it.