Premium Loose-leaf Tea Box

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Select Your Preferred Quantity, Size, and Type of Tea for a Personalized Brew

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Premium Tea Box

Step into the world of exceptional tea blends!

Tailored to your taste, this box is your passport to explore the diverse flavors of loose-leaf tea, delivered right to your doorstep. Each variant in the Premium Tea Box is a careful selection of our finest teas, representing the global diversity and the unique fusion of flavors that Holy Tea Amsterdam stands for.

  • Quantity & Bag Size

    Choose the quantity and bag size that best suits your tea-drinking habits.

    We offer two quantities: 3 or 5 bags,
    and two sizes: 50g and 100g.

    Each bag is packed with our premium loose-leaf tea blends, ensuring you a delightful tea experience every time.

  • Type of Tea

    Select the type of tea that appeals to you most, or let us surprise you with our expertly chosen blends.

    We offer Green Tea, Black Tea, and Rooibos Tea, each with its unique taste and aroma profile. If you're adventurous and love surprises, select the "Surprise Me" option.

    Our tea experts will handpick a variety of our best blends to deliver a unique tea tasting experience with each box.

  • Purchase Options

    Choose from our one-time purchase option or dive into a tea discovery journey with our monthly subscription. The monthly subscription offers a seamless way to explore our tea range, with a different blend delivered to your door every month.

    As a subscriber, you'll receive detailed information about each tea, including brewing instructions, exclusive access to limited-edition blends, and a 10% discount on all additional tea purchases. And the cherry on top? Free shipping to the Netherlands!

  • Free Shipping in Netherlands

    Experience the joy of uninterrupted tea exploration with our monthly subscription to the Premium Tea Box, now with an added benefit - Free Shipping!

    We believe in making your tea journey with Holy Tea Amsterdam as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That's why we're offering free shipping to all our subscribers in the Netherlands.

    Subscribe to our Premium Tea Box and let us take care of the rest. Every month, we'll deliver a new selection of our finest tea blends right to your doorstep, shipping fees on us.


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Elevate your tea experience with our carefully curated Premium Tea Bundles. Each bundle is a handpicked collection of our finest blends, designed to cater to different tastes and occasions. Whether you're new to the world of loose-leaf tea or a seasoned tea connoisseur, our bundles offer a unique journey through the diverse flavors and aromas that Holy Tea Amsterdam has to offer. Embark on a flavorful exploration, one bundle at a time.