Experience the magic of Holy Tea's Herbal Tea of The Elves in our Sylvan Glade Refresher mocktail.

Sylvan Glade Refresher: A Magical Tea Mocktail Experience

Unleashing the Power of Nature with 'Herbal Tea of The Elves'

Take a journey into the mystical forest glade with our Sylvan Glade Refresher, a magical mocktail brewed with our own enchanting "Herbal Tea of The Elves". Packed with a garden of natural ingredients, this summer delight not only tantalizes your taste buds but showers you with numerous health benefits.

The Mystical Brew: Herbal Tea of The Elves

Our Herbal Tea of The Elves, a loose-leaf blend available exclusively at Holy Tea, is a symphony of flavours and health benefits. This magical concoction comprises apple, verbena whole, green rooibos, orange pieces, marigold, raspberry, blackberry leaves, blackcurrant, and passionflower herb.

The apples lend a gentle sweetness and are packed with antioxidants to fight off free radicals. The verbena whole has a long history of use in traditional medicine, with studies suggesting that it can aid in alleviating anxiety and improving sleep.

Green rooibos, less fermented than its red counterpart, is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, providing anti-inflammatory benefits. The bright citrus punch from orange pieces isn't just a flavour enhancer; it's a fantastic source of vitamin C.

Marigold flowers, also known as Calendula, bring a touch of sunshine to the blend and are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The berries (raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant) offer a tantalizing tang and are a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Finally, the passionflower herb, known for its calming properties, can help to relieve anxiety and promote a better night's sleep. Each ingredient is carefully selected to create a harmonious blend that offers a multitude of health benefits.

Brewing Magic: Sylvan Glade Refresher

Transforming our Herbal Tea of The Elves into the enchanting Sylvan Glade Refresher is as simple as it is rewarding. This delicious tea mocktail offers a unique blend of flavours, from the soothing notes of our tea blend to the natural sweetness of agave syrup and the tart punch of fresh oranges. And of course, a refreshing touch from frozen raspberries.

How to Brew Your Sylvan Glade Refresher:

  • Bring 1 litre of water to a boil. This is the start of our enchanting journey.
  • Once the water reaches 100°C, add 15g of our "Herbal Tea of The Elves" and let it steep for 5 minutes. This step allows the flavours and beneficial properties of the herbs and fruits to fully infuse the water.
  • After steeping, strain the tea into a large jug and let it cool to room temperature. Patience is a virtue, especially when crafting such a magical potion.
  • Once cooled, add 2-3 tablespoons of agave syrup, adjusting to your desired sweetness. Agave syrup, a natural sweetener, blends seamlessly with our herbal concoction without overpowering its flavours.
  • Squeeze the juice of one large orange into the jug, stirring well. The orange not only enhances the flavours but also provides a boost of vitamin C.
  • Add a handful of frozen raspberries to the jug. These not only cool down your drink but also add an element of surprise to every sip.
  • Place the jug in the fridge to chill for 1-2 hours. This step allows all the flavours to meld together, resulting in a deeply refreshing beverage.
  • Once chilled, serve the tea over ice cubes, garnished with fresh mint leaves for a beautiful presentation and a refreshing twist.

    Experience the magic of the forest in each sip of the Sylvan Glade Refresher.

    This magical mocktail is not just a beverage; it's a journey, a narrative of nature, and a celebration of the benefits she bestows upon us.

    Explore the Herbal Tea of The Elves here and embark on your journey today!

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