11 amazing benefits of dandelion tea for your health

11 amazing benefits of dandelion tea for your health

Dandelion from the roots to the leaves and petals has many health benefits. The entire body of the dandelion plant, utilized in many traditional remedies.

When Dandelion added in tea, the beneficial properties of the dandelion blow up the tea to a whole new level.

The following are some benefits of tea blends containing dandelion.

1) Dandelion may aid Digestion problems.

Many people make use of dandelion as a traditional balm for constipation and other digestion issues. A report from researchers searching at animal digestion came to a conclusion that some chemicals found in dandelion assisted to improve the digestive system.

2) Dandelion is a liver protector.

Dandelion tea has many carotenoids, which aids in the smooth functioning of the liver. Dandelion is high in choline, which is a liver stimulant as well as a hemorrhage protector. Vitamin C and lutein, both found in dandelion tea, work together to provide the liver with extra protection against infections, such as icterus.

3) Dandelion is good for your brain.

Dandelion  is a potential source of vitamin K, with more than 600 percent of the daily required dose. Because of its high vitamin K content, dandelion can help you maintain good brain function and combat disorders like Alzheimer's disease. It also aids in the prevention of massive damage to our nervous system.

4)   Dandelion is beneficial for your eyesight.

The existence of Zeaxanthin  in dandelion which is a carotenoid element in nature assists the retina from being damaged by cruel UV rays. Macular degeneration can also be forestalled by ingesting tea blends with dandelion regularly.

5) Dandelion may boost immune system.

There is increasing evidence that advises that dandelion can support boost the immune system. By fighting with fungi and bugs, tea blends contain dandelion provides us a better immune system. Dandelion can also provide a tremendous number of antioxidants that can defend our DNA and cells from being in bad condition.

6) Dandelion may reduce cancer risk.

The special privilege to fight against cancer is not just an assertion made gently, but dandelion appears to be very promised according to reports. Dandelion may slow down cancer's growth and impede it from spreading. The leaves in particular are  wealthy in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which fight cancer. Dandelion's root infusion, on the same note, has shown its ability to induce apoptosis or cell death in prostate and pancreatic cells.

7) Dandelion and its anti-diabetic properties.

There is some evidence to declare that dandelion contain substances that may assist with stabilizing blood sugar. According to published reports, dandelion’s antihyperglycemic, antioxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties may help treat diabetes type 2.

8) Dandelion may reduce  inflammation.

Some reports betoken that dandelion's infusions and substances may aid decrease inflammation in the body. In a study have got made in 2014, researchers found that chemical substances existing in dandelion had some beneficial results to cut down inflammatory consequences.

9) Dandelion may help with weight loss.

Several scientists have claimed that dandelion could be very supportive to people to achieve their weight loss goals. This is based on the plant’s property to enhance the impact of carbohydrate metabolism and trim down fat absorption.

10) Dandelion help the skin to stay healthy.

Some research shows that dandelion may provide more protection to the skin from sun damage. UV light makes significant damage to the skin and speed up the skin aging.  Research had done in 2015 on skin cells  found that dandelion could enormous decrease the negative impact of harming UV light.

11) Dandelion may lower blood pressure.

Since dandelion is a good source of potassium, can help trim down blood pressure according to clinical evidences that shows the properties of  potassium.

Research has found that individuals using potassium supplements saw a decrease in their blood pressure, particularly if they already had high blood pressure.

Final Conclusions

Dandelion has a lot of possible health benefits.

Still, many of the claims need extra investigation to establish how effective dandelion is to humans.


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